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The iSparkle Dress Experience

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So, what is this iSparkle “dress experience” mumbo jumbo I’ve been referencing so much? I’d love to tell you! If you’ve browsed our Home Page, and have read The iSparkle Story, you most-likely have a good idea of our mission. Here, I’d like to explain it in a little more detail.

To fully illuminate the “experience,” I’d like to go back to Kylie’s 3rd birthday. That year, she received a brand new princess dress as a gift. Since it’s impossible to put into words how much she LOVED that pretty pink dress, I’d like to share a photo of the little princess herself:

See how much she adored it? That dress made my little girl sparkle from the moment she put it on! She was so happy wearing it. As a matter of fact, she’s probably worn it a hundred times in the almost two years since that magical day.

Kylie felt special and beautiful—just like I always see her. This photo of her in it melts my heart to this day:


That photo of Kylie captures the awe and excitement she felt after putting on her dress for the very first time. Do you see it? Do you see the “experience” she was having as she looked at herself in the mirror? She stood there for several minutes, just staring at the amazing transformation from little girl to princess.

I still wonder what she was thinking as she stood there mesmerized. What magical land did she go to? How amazing did she feel in that moment? I had no idea that a gift to my princess would make her so blissfully happy!

But my memories of that day get even better. There was another amazing moment that I will hold a piece of my heart for the rest of my life:

My brother-in-law took this unfiltered, candid shot of Kylie and me before her party. I walked her downstairs to where everything was set up, and she asked me to hold her hand. I didn’t know this photo was taken until much later, when I received it as a gift. I welled up with tears the second I saw it. I mean, wouldn’t you?!?

Sure, I might not be able to replicate the perfection of that day. But I do know that I want the iSparkle dress to be more than just another dress. I want it to be a magical and memorable experience for every girl who wears one. Not only do I want that for girls who receive an iSparkle dress… I want that for parents, as well!

And how will iSparkle do that? By using the inspiration of a daughter’s love.

First, imagine your little girl choosing her own dress color and style. Will she pick pink or blue, or maybe silver? Will she choose the Braid, Ruffle or Cheerleader dress? It will be difficult to pick, since they all sparkle and shine!

Then, your little princess will select from a unicorn, fairy, heart, mermaid, or butterfly logo, which is made of sparkling rhinestones, and will be added right to her dress. Any idea which one she’ll choose?

In addition, your daughter will have the opportunity to select one of our six princess books to go with her beautiful dress. Will she opt for the Butterfly Princess, Mermaid Princess, Rainbow Princess, Unicorn Princess, Sparkle Princess, or maybe the Superhero Princess?

Now, imagine her excitement as she anticipates the arrival of all those amazing things that she got to choose!

Even better, imagine how she will feel when she’s holding her own Glitter Box in her hands. Nope, her special package won’t be stuffed into some cheap, plastic baggie and haphazardly thrown onto your porch. Your little girl will be awestruck by our princess-worthy packaging. After all, it sparkles too!

Like her dress, the Glitter Box is a memento your daughter will cherish forever. It’s not a throwaway item; it’s part of the iSparkle experience. Like my Kylie, your little princess will waste no time packing her dolls and knick-knacks in her beautiful box.

Finally, imagine your daughter opening her Glitter Box and seeing her dress with matching tiara and accompanying princess book. Yes, of course there’s a tiara! Just watch her transform; I bet it won’t take long!

Later that night, you’ll probably be asked to read her the new princess book at bedtime. Then you’ll tuck her in, and she’ll cuddle up with her new special book (most-likely still donning her tiara). Your princess may even fall asleep with her book in her arms, just like my Kylie has been known to do.

And what about you, the parent? You have given your precious little girl an amazing experience, and not just another dress. You have given her joy and happiness and magic that all of us parents dream of giving our precious daughters. More importantly, you have given her your love, and you can be certain she feels it.

And that is the iSparkle dress experience.

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