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The iSparkle Story

Let's not bury the lead. Although I will never be able to completely define the love I feel for my daughter with words, I do know that it is my love for her that has inspired the iSparkle journey. However, I want to start from the beginning.

Back in 2012, my life was forever changed.

On the 12th day of December, I was blessed with my first daughter, Kylie Madison. Yes, she was born on 12/12/12. She was also born at 11:40 (20 minutes till 12), and came in at 20.12 inches long. I guess she was special from her very first moment.

If you are a parent reading this now, I’m sure you felt the exact same way I did when my crazy little Kylie was born.

Since I had never had the “urge” to have kids, I had no idea how I was going to feel about this little girl of mine. As the weeks and months went by, however, it became abundantly clear that Kylie was the daughter I was meant to have.

My little girl was a “mini-me” from the beginning. She was, and still is, rough, loud, over-the-top, and loaded with energy. She wants to run; she wants to throw, and she simply wants to—GO!

On top of her rough-and-tumble spirit, Kylie also wanted to wear dresses and be a real-life princess. More often than not, she even wanted to wear her dresses when she played in the dirt! To this day, the girl wants to wear her tiara no matter what she’s doing.

As challenging as it can be to have such a mishmash of interests and charisma wrapped up into one little girl, I love my daughter more than words can say. I love seeing her in every dress she puts on, and I love her just as much with dirt all over her adorable little face. She is—in every sense of the word—my little sparkle.

Over the years, the bond I have created with Kylie has grown to a point that cannot be adequately described. All I want is for her to be happy, as I'm sure most parents do. I want her to explore, imagine and experience everything, and I will do anything to help her accomplish those things.  

I’ve always wanted Kylie to feel like the bright, little sparkle I see when I look at her. And that is how we ended up with the “princess room” I created for her.

I shopped for months to create that princess feeling I knew she’d love. I looked everywhere for the right pinks, the right sparkles, and the right… everything. I spent days getting that room just right so she’d feel like the princess she wants to be—and the little princess she is to me. That has been such an emotional force within since Kylie came into my life; to always make her feel as special as she is to me.

After transforming her room, the inspiration continued. Later that year, when Kylie was invited to her very first birthday party, I wanted to make sure she had the perfect dress to wear. Rather than choosing a Disney princess dress out of her closet, I needed to find something that she could wear for the “everyday” events.

Kylie likes to wear a combination of magical things. For example, she repeatedly asked me for a “unicorn sparkle princess dress.” Right. No problem, kiddo. I’ll get right on that.

I quickly became frustrated when I realized what she wanted was nowhere to be found. Yes, I could find dresses with sparkles. Sure, I could find dresses with unicorns. However, I couldn’t find her dream dress, let alone multiple dresses she loved.

This hit a nerve in me, and I set out on a mission… or should I call it an adventure? I suppose I could’ve just shrugged it off, but that simply isn’t me.

And that is how iSparkle came to be.

I could go on and on about how our dresses sparkle; I could go into detail about the unicorn and fairy logos your little girl—like my Kylie—will be able to choose for herself. At the end of the day, however, iSparkle isn’t just about wearing something that sparkles…

It’s about making your little girl feel like she sparkles—not just on the outside, but from the inside out.

Most importantly, it’s about we, as parents, giving our daughters the gift of showing them just how much we adore them, and how dear they are to our hearts.

If one picture sums up the father-daughter bond between Kylie and me, this is it. Yep, she’s daddy’s little girl! :)

Oh, and as if one daddy's girl wasn't enough, look who came along 3 years later!

That's my little Kensley. Not only has she filled the other half of my heart with an abundance of love, but I'm excited to find out what the Kensley inspiration will bring to generation #2 of iSparkle! So, stay tuned!