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How It Works

Choose a Dress Style

Select one of our three fun and sparkly dress styles - the lovely Sparkler, the sweet and sassy Braid or the cute Sparkler.  There's a style for every personality!

Choose a Colour

Yes, we've got your standard pink! But not all girls have to like the rosy shade.  So we've got a dazzling silver and a bodacious blue as well.  We'll add a perfectly matched tiara and locket to the box to complete the outfit. 

Choose a Crest

On the Braid & Sparkler dresses, add a rhinestone crest for some extra fun.  Choose from a unicorn, a butterfly, a fairy, a mermaid or a heart.  

Choose a Princess Book

What type of princess are you? Choose a Princess book that best matches your personality.  All of this comes packaged in a gorgeous glittery silver keepsake box.