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An experience for the everyday princess

Build Her Dreambox


An experience for the everyday princess


How To Create Her Dreambox

Choose her Dress

Select one of our durable, machine washable dress styles, each one full of sparkle! All iSparkle dresses are built for the Princess on the go, no matter where her imagination takes her.

Choose her Color

Inspire her with the power of choice by letting her pick her own color of dress! All Princesses love pink, but some Princesses like to dazzle in silver. Others are bold in blue!

Choose her Crest

If your Princess chooses our Braid or Cheerleader dress, let her make it her own with one of our custom rhinestone crests! Is she a unicorn, mermaid, fairy or butterfly Princess?

Choose her Book

Empower her dreams with her choice of iSparkle Princess Book that she connects with most. Each night will take her some place new as you read her book to her again and again!

Once she has personalized her Dreambox, we’ll complete the set by adding one of our custom made Heart Tiaras, and one of our Unicorn Glitter Lockets, matched to the color of her dress. And as if that wasn’t enough, everything will be delivered in our reusable Glitter Box she can take wherever she goes!

Why the Dreambox?

It is never too soon to inspire young girls, nor too early to feel empowered. Foster their imagination, embolden them to believe in themselves, even if it’s a Unicorn Princess!

The iSparkle Dreambox fuels the power of choice. Through her choices, the Dreambox will be her own. It will be her dress, and her color. She chose the Princess Book that she connected with, the Princess she dreams to be.

Best of all, the iSparkle dresses are not bulky, uncomfortable costumes that she can seldom wear. They are fun, everyday dresses made for the Princess on the move, with the reusable Glitter Box to help her carry all of her little Princess trinkets!

Create Her Dreambox


Princess Heart Tiaras

iSparkle Dresses

Princess Book Set

Unicorn Glitter Lockets